non-responsive large corporations

I have no background in collections, I was in law enforcement for 25 years. I spent most of those years investigaing major cirmes back East. Now I work for Ogden City Corp., Utah collecting civil penalties issued as a result of code violations. I have found large corporations such as Deutsche Bank, Clearwire, Bank of America, etc do not respond to the citations that are mailed to them. Often calling large corporations is non-productive as the operator cannot or will not connect me to someone that can deal with the problem. I have found researching the corporation to find out who the CEO is, then contacting them at home has been very productive; such as the very irate wife of Deutsche Bank's CEO who gave me her husband's direct office telephone number.

Sounds like you've found the

Sounds like you've found the right technique! Do the accounts payable departments just refuse to pay them?

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