Collection Agencies

What questions should I ask prospective agencies?

The questions are endless and cover every facet of your interaction with an OCA. After all, you’re not only turning over your accounts, they are responsible for your reputation as well. GRCA has not set out to develop an exhaustive list of questions but we have compiled some of the better questions we have gathered from various sources.  

  • How will information be transferred to/from the agency?
  • When and how will collected funds be transferred?
  • What reports are provided to detail the collection process and success rate?
  • How often are reports provided to clients?
  • How can the government stop collections if payment is received?
  • How long has the OCA been in business?
  • How many collectors are on staff?
  • Are the collectors locals?
  • Does the OCA support evening and weekend hours?
  • Does the OCA have an 800 number?
  • What are the OCA’s business hours?
  • What are the technological capabilities of the OCA?
  • How many accounts are they currently handling?
  • When was their last regulatory audit and will they share the report?
  • Do they employ an attorney? Who?
  • Do they have experience with your account type?
  • Can you talk to their customers?
  • How does the OCA handle legal action?
  • How are payments applied?
  • How long does the agency keep unpaid accounts before notifying the government?
  • Are you licensed? Bonded?
  • Does the OCA utilize trust accounts for handling clients’ money?
  • What’s the collection approach?
  • What is your training schedule, procedure?
  • How do you monitor your collectors?
  • How will you prioritize my accounts?  In relationship to other clients?

If you’d like to submit a question for inclusion in our list, please e-mail it to and let us know the following:

  • What is the name of your government?
  • What type(s) of debt do you collect?
  • Do you utilize a collection agency?  In what capacity?
  • What question(s) did you find useful or effective?  Why?

We ask for this information to assist our membership in determining the value of the question for their RFP or interview.