Automating Court Collections, provides ways to improve collection rates and court order compliance

VANCOUVER, Wash – September 9, 2009 – RevQ, the premier provider of compliance, collections and revenue recovery technologies for state, county and city governments, has announced the availability of a new white paper entitled Automating Court Collections. The paper describes how courts can take advantage of new ways to better enforce outstanding judgments while at the same time improving rates of compliance and collection.  

 “With increased legislative mandates, courts across the country are searching for effective ways to improve operational efficiencies – especially in these challenging economic times,” said Steve Ard, president of RevQ.  “To meet this need we are pleased to share this White Paper that provides courts with key considerations in automating workflows that enable court personnel to seamlessly monitor and act upon cases needing attention – ultimately increasing collections,” Ard explained. <?xml:namespace prefix =" o" />

Automating Court Collections provides ideas on how to start the process of automating court collections – questions to ask and the benefits of how automation can enable prompt, consistent and frequent communications.  The White Paper also addresses additional resources available to courts such as automating the process of locating new contacts, using predictive dialers and interactive voice messaging systems to effectively reach more contacts and how scoring methodologies helps to prioritize court collections. 

Automating Court Collections is currently available in our Resource Library or by clicking here.

Technology is a tool that will benefit government

Technology will be a great tool for government collections departments across the nation. It will help them alleviate some of the stress and strain caused by the growing amount of delinquencies within the court, city, county and state government systems. The investment may seem large, but the automation will help them handle their accounts in a more efficient manner.