GRCA Partner Providing Skip Trace Evaluations

April 26, 2010 Sarasota, Florida – TEC Analytical Services, a division of TEC Services Group, announced today that it now provides independent skip trace evaluations for debt collection organizations looking to increase recoveries at the lowest cost. Skip tracing is a moving target and TEC Analytical Services’ skip trace evaluations are a quicker way to improve processes and performance by layering in the best vendor tools and strategies to locate more debtors.

TEC Analytical Services’ team of subject matter experts (SME’s) conducts evaluations that include a comprehensive analysis of the following: vendors pricing and spend, data vendors and tools, search techniques, client and portfolio specific treatment strategies, workflow and goals. TEC provides recommendations to implement vendor tools and techniques, locate more debtors, improve operational efficiencies through automation and more tailored skip trace strategies, leverage your vendors knowledge of best practices, get more out of your vendor testing and track and measure key performance indicators (KPI’s.) TEC provides the option to help implement its recommendations.

“As a consulting company our practice is about helping organizations overcome problems and seize opportunities that have a measurable impact on increasing performance. Multiple factors make skip tracing a moving target. Lifestyle changes, consumer move trends, vendor consolidation, the current economic conditions, the changing legislative landscape and resource constraints have created the perfect storm for making it increasingly challenging to cost effectively locate debtors,” said Will Turner, Vice President of TEC Analytical Services. “Collection organizations, large and small, are struggling to find the resources and time to stay on top of these challenges and trends as well as the latest in vendor tools and best practices. TEC Analytical Services brings the right ingredients together to tailor a recipe that works best for specific collection organizations.”

TEC Analytical Services provides the following data consulting and outsourcing services:

  • Skip Trace Program and Operational Analysis
  • Spend Analysis and Strategic Sourcing
  • Vendor Management
  • Skip Trace Waterfall Design
  • Skip Trace Training
  • Champion Challenger Vendor Testing
  • Automation and Software Integration
  • Performance Tracking and Insight

About TEC Services Group
TEC Services Group has been providing “real world” technology and operational consulting to the Accounts Receivable and Debt Collection industries for more than a decade. TEC’s executive leadership team averages 23 years expertise in the managing Accounts Receivable operations and IT, while the average of all team members is more than 18 years Credit and Debt Collections experience. TEC has helped scores of collection organizations to improve efficiencies and increase recoveries through the use of information technology and best practices.

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About TEC Analytical Services
TEC Analytical Services, one of three divisions of TEC Services Group, provides consulting and outsourcing services to solve problems across the credit lifecycle. Our team of consultants includes subject matter experts that have worked in Credit & Collections for the leading vendors and client organizations in financial services, healthcare, ecommerce, government and utilities. Our professionals combine thought‐leadership and information technology with data and analytics to help bring rapid profit improvement to our clients.

For more information please visit or call (941)375‐0300.