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  • GOVERNING Magazine is hosting a free webinar entitled "Discover and Collect What is Owed." Sponsored by our Corporate Parnter LexisNexis, the webinar promises attendees will find out:

  • Landing the right people for your organization can be tricky. It can sometimes help to widen your net and GRCA would like to help. Whether you're a government or a Corporate Partner, you can now recruit online through GRCA.

    Simply send your job postings to

  • GRCA is Pleased to Welcome José Cisneros

    José Cisneros was elected Treasurer for the City and County of San Francisco in November 2005, following his appointment by Mayor Gavin Newsom in September, 2004.

  • Current economic conditions have applied additional pressure to government collectors.  Not only are we being asked to do more with less, but we're being asked to prove our worth in many respects.  Benchmarking is one method that we can use to find areas of opportunity so we can improve efficiency and productivity.  But it is also a mechanism we can use to justify funding and pro

  • Identity thieves continue to demonstrate the lengths to which they will go. Victims, on the other hand, continue to struggle to repair their credit after falling prey to the criminals. In response to the growing problem the FTC, in cooperation with federal bank regulatory agencies and the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), developed a set of regulations called the Red Flag Rules.