Information that is important to you, that can be easily found, is of great worth. The following website information is compiled for your benefit so you can easily find information that is now, or will be, important to you. If you know of sites that might be of additional interest to those who are looking for more information regarding all aspects of government debt collection, we would be happy to hear about them and put them on the site as we are able to. Please send the information to: When you send it, please send the link and describe the benefit to the association.

Credit Bureaus




Legal Resources

ACA International
Founded in 1939, the ACA has more than a passing knowledge of the industry. Although they cater primarily to collection agencies, their website still has plenty of useful information about a wide range of topics.
Established as a site for legal professionals, Find Law has a robust search engine that includes case law for all 50 states as well as the US Court of Appeals and other Federal Courts.

Cornell University
Cornell University Law School provides an extensive article collection about any number of subjects.  Each article includes citation information with links to relevant sites. 

Carreon and Associates
Carreon and Associates has assembled a nice Credit Library, containing articles covering many aspects of debt and collection.
Collection of articles on personal finance as well as online forums for different topics.

Government Sponsored Sites

Federal Trade Commision
The Federal Trade Commission is charged with consumer protection. Their site contains information about the FDCPA and FCRA as well as timely articles relevant to any number of subjects. Their business information section offers compliance advice to companies dealing with consumer credit.
The federal judiciary contains news, a library, and links to all the state courts as well as the Supreme Court and Bankruptcy Court.

Federal Student Aid Collections
Federal Student Aid Collections link summarizes the process for dealing with a defaulted student loan and the consequences for such a default. It’s a good consumer resource.

Department of Health and Human Services
Child support enforcement information for all 50 states.
Links to every state, compliance and enforcement, and tax information for governmental liaisons.
The institute publishes periodic analyses of trends in state and local government spending and taxes in the form of the State Fiscal Briefs and News. Topics have included tax cut updates, overviews of education spending in state budgets, and surveys of the economic assumptions underlying state budgets.

Skip Tracing

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Federal Bureau of Prisons inmate locator.

Military base locator by state. Military installations can also be found at each branches websites (Army, Navy, Air force, USMC, Coast Guard, etc). This site offers an unaffiliated search.
A vendor providing automated skip tracing products.

State and National Level

Association of Public Treasurers of the United States and Canada

California Revenue Officers Association

Government Collectors Association of Texas

National Association for Court Managers

National Center for State Courts

Treasurers' Association of Virginia