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Shedding Light on Business Tax and Collections Challenges

May 15, 2018
11:00 a.m. PT/2:00 p.m. ET
Cost: FREE

With all the new businesses and business taxes (especially within the Cannabis industry), what risks are you facing? 

We know businesses and their level of risk can be a struggle to keep up with in collections since they evolve, dissolve, change hands and change names every day. Do you struggle to link nationwide businesses, business officers, owners, assets and locations more quickly and affordably? Do you understand the structure behind a business or know who really owns it? Do you seek to accelerate business investigations, audits, collections and data management efforts?  

This session will shed light on the challenges and risks you may be facing with businesses, including:

  • Understanding specific industries (like cannabis) and the businesses within them, 
  • Assessing the risk and compliance of businesses within your network;
  • Uncovering business connections and identifying the business owner(s) and associates behind them. 

Your Presenter

Dr. Steve Lappenbusch currently is the platform manager for the LexisNexis® Business Integrity Solution who focuses on product strategy and development within the Government division of LexisNexis Risk Solutions. At LexisNexis, Dr. Lappenbusch has used identity and business data analysis to create solutions preventing millions in tax fraud, debt evasion, Medicaid fraud, welfare fraud, and he has recently advised Congressional committees on identity fraud. His current focus is on digging up the underground economy to help the government close the tax gap. Prior to LexisNexis, Dr. Lappenbusch did research funded by the National Science Foundation and user research for IBM and Microsoft. His Ph.D. is from the University of Washington, College of Engineering in Human Centered Design & Engineering where his dissertation investigated systems design in high risk, emerging environments.