About Us

Welcome to the Government Revenue Collection Association (GRCA)

There are several wonderful organizations for government professionals like Finance Directors, Treasurers, Clerks, and Budgeters but there’s never been an association just for government collection specialists. We’re pleased to announce the creation of the Government Revenue Collection Association, a non-profit organization created to support government collections at all levels.

GRCA has been established to educate those responsible for collecting government receivables, to develop standards and best practices, to distribute information regarding new technological advancements, to build a library of useful information, and to bring collectors together to share and learn from each other.

As we grow, look for ongoing submissions to our library, added membership benefits, and new developments on the site. Thanks for visiting the Government Revenue Collection Association.

Our Mission

The Government Revenue and Collections Association (GRCA) exists to promote the following ideals for all public agencies regarding collecting their own accounts receivable:

  • The advancement of learning: GRCA exists to gather information regarding best practices and new ideas from both government and non-government entities. Once gathered, GRCA is dedicated to professionally distributing the information for the benefit of the industry. Just one of these learning options is to benefit from learning at the annual conference.
  • The development of standards: Governments throughout the world have different ways to collect revenue. Taking the best of those ways and applying them to your individual government is the best design. It is nice to have standards but you need to know how to apply them. GRCA is designed to help you understand that.
  • The understanding of technology: Revenue collection technology is no different than any other technology industry, it changes fast. GRCA is dedicated to coordinating the distribution of information of the latest technology and how it can affect you.
  • Building a repository of useful knowledge: GRCA is built to provide each member useful information that can help you to improve your revenue collections. The GRCA website is one way to offer you tools and information gathered for the purpose of revenue collection improvement.
  • Building relationships within the industry for its betterment: Networking with others is the best way to build knowledge, improve learning and create standards. The purpose of GRCA is to bring people together to both share with each other and learn from each other.