Code of Ethics

Approved September 2008

This Code of Professional Ethics ensures a uniform adherence to the Association’s policies and relationships related to legal, moral and professional standards of conduct. This code provides the public a view as to how the Association approaches matters involving ethics. The principles set forth in this code shall govern the conduct of all members of GRCA whether public employees, private citizens or corporations.

Responsibility as a Member
All members shall adhere to concepts of effective and efficient government service. A member shall conduct himself or herself at all times in a manner which serves the public interest and maintains the good reputation of the profession. A member shall uphold the letter and spirit of the law and report violations of the law to the appropriate authorities.

Professional Development
A member shall observe professional technical standards and continually strive to acquire knowledge and improve levels of competence in the processes of revenue collection. A member shall strive to enhance the competence of any member within the Association or anyone in the industry including those they work with.

Professional Integrity
A member shall respect and protect privileged information. A member shall conduct their business openly so the public may make informed judgments and hold public officials, individuals, and corporations accountable. A member shall be sensitive and responsive to inquiries from the public and the media.

Professional Relationships
A member shall maintain the highest ideals of honor, integrity, and objectivity in all professional relationships.

Conflict of Interest
A member shall not seek any favor or accept any personal gain which would influence, or appear to influence, objectivity or conduct of official duties.

Member Misconduct
The Association shall not accept or condone unethical conduct under any circumstances. A member found by the Board of Directors to be in violation of any provision of this Code of Ethics shall be expelled from membership for a length of time to be determined by the Board and, if the member is a member for the purposes of marketing products or services to the Association, all Association ties will be severed.