Frequently Asked Questions

What challenges do Government agencies face?

Today’s public sector entities face new and increasing challenges with revenue collections and compliance improvements. Budget constraints, increased costs, and the rising complexity of technologies call out for better solutions and services to help the government increase overall productivity and outcome with their account receivables.

There is no single national organization (similar to the ACA) today to provide information, networking opportunities, collection best practices and direction on technology to government organizations.

What is the Government Revenue Collection Association (GRCA)?

The Government Revenue and Collections Association (GRCA) has been established to bring new information, resources and support to help government entities better succeed in today’s collection environment.

As a non-profit association, any city, state and federal government is eligible to become a member and take part in ongoing networking, knowledge exchange and exposure to industry best practices.

Who founded GRCA?

GRCA was founded by long-time government collection professionals. Kendall Tierney, former head of collections for the City of Boise, Idaho and Gary Sabean from the Arlington County Treasurer’s Office of Virginia have a combined 44 years of collection experience.

Kendall and Gary felt the exchange of information was critical to the success of government collection offices. Both were members of other finance associations but neither felt these associations were meeting the specific needs of collectors. They shared a vision for an Association that would provide training, education, networking, and support for government collectors in the United States and beyond.

 Columbia Ultimate, an industry partner, believed in the mission and goals of GRCA and recognized the positive impact the Association could have on government collections. They generously agreed to donate the initial capital and manpower to get GRCA off the ground.

How is GRCA funded?

As of April 2009, GRCA is entirely self-funded through memberships, conference participation and advertising revenue.

Where can I read the by-laws?

Our by-laws are available by clicking here.

What does GRCA offer?

GRCA offers government agencies the following benefits:

Industry Best Practices – GRCA gathers information regarding best practices and ideas for improved collections from both government and non-government entities. Information is distributed to members via the website and quarterly newsletter, Inside Government Collections, as well as the Annual Conference.

Standards Compliance – Governments throughout the world have different ways to collect revenue. Taking the best of those ways and applying them to individual government is the best design. Standards are important but it’s critical to understand how to best apply them to individual operations to achieve maximum benefits. GRCA provides resources and support to help public entities maneuver through standard compliance.

Technology Innovation – Revenue collection technology is no different than any other technology industry, it changes fast. GRCA is dedicated to coordinating the distribution of information on the latest technology offerings and how they can assist recovery efforts.

Networking – GRCA hosts an annual conference to bring members together for an opportunity to network, share knowledge and learn about the latest trends, issues and initiatives impacting government collections.

Web site – Members can log in to a secure site to access sample letters, legislation, job descriptions, policy manuals, procedures and other tools to enhance their collection efforts.

Who can become a member?

Membership to GRCA is offered in four levels to accommodate both government employees and private sector employees and companies that are invested in the goals of the Association.

Regular Member ($75 annually) – geared for public employees who actively support the Association and its purposes, who are responsible for or whose duties involve the collection of money due to the government.

Associate Member ($150 annually) – are persons interested in furthering the purpose of the Association but who are not public employees. Associate Members may be directly responsible for the collection of money due the government or they may provide services to the government debt collection industry.  An Associate Member is one person, not a company or organization.

Corporate Partner ($600 annually) – Corporate Partners are private or public-sector firms who are committed to improving government collections, who offer products or services related to collections. Corporate Partnerships include 2 Associate Memberships. Additional Associate Memberships may be purchased individually.

Honorary Member (exempt) – for individuals who have performed a notable service for the improvement of the Association. This type of membership will be issued only after approval of the Board of Directors.