Learn. Collect. Excel

Early Bird Pricing Has Been Extended to April 8, 2009!

We are having our inaugural Government Revenue Collection Association Annual Conference at the Westin in beautiful San Francisco, California. We are very excited about the content and format of this conference and the potential it has to help so many governments out there who are struggling to do the best job they can in collecting delinquent money owed to them.

With the wide variety of classes at this conference you will be able to Learn multiple ideas that you can implement to help you Collect more money and Excel in your area of government collections.

From Foreclosures to Skip Tracing, classes have been designed to help you receive education on a myriad of important issues facing those collecting government debt. This conference is also designed to help governments collecting either one type of debt, or numerous types of government debt.

Never before has there been a conference like this. The Government Revenue Collection Association is committed to providing you the best professional experience you can receive in educating you about collecting your own government debt.