Improving Collections

It is hard to imagine that any government would not want to improve the collection of delinquent debt owed to them. Although each government is different in its approach to collecting what is owed to them, we are not as different as we might think.

We all have the desire to improve the results of our collection through implementing new ideas, refining our skills and learning from the success and failures of our peers. No matter the size and type of debt, all governments struggle in their pursuit of improvement.

It is the mission of GRCA to help governments improve their collections by studying and learning the basics and also by identifying advancements in the government collections process. This section contains some great details to show you what you can and should do. The “Members Only” section provides GRCA members with many additional tools, if necessary.

The main section currently includes information regarding the following areas of government collections:

  • Correspondence: This section includes samples of letters and correspondence strategies being used in governments today.
  • Collection Technology: This section highlights some of the technology available today, offering descriptions of various collection tools.
  • Collection Agencies: This section discusses the details of when and how to use collection agencies as well as some guidelines for choosing the right agency for your government.
  • Training: This section contains proven techniques for training government collectors.
  • Staffing: This section provides information about how to hire and retain the best collectors.

As you listen to what’s being done in other organizations, you learn how to implement bits and pieces into your organization which in turn leads to the creation of best practices within your government. This contributes to the success of the whole government collections community. We would love to hear of your best practices so we can share them with others. Please send your ideas and best practices to