Call Outsourcing

Reminder Calls

There are vendors offering reminder calls as part of a pre-collection or collection strategy.  Call outsourcing shows up in the courts and is popular for calling defendants and reminding them to appear in court.

Voice messaging

Some governments opt to use a newer service called voice messaging.  Voice messaging has been used by political campaigns and mass marketing programs for some time. This option allows the government the ability to send pre-recorded electronic messages to large quantities of debtors thereby cutting down postage costs.

The technology is fairly state of the art and there are many web-based options. Voice messaging systems are becoming quite sophisticated allowing governments to send e-mails to a customer’s phone or extract and integrate information from a website into the message.  An additional option in voice messaging routes a debtor who got an electronic call through an IVR to reach a collector.

Both of these technologies can be used in lieu of a predictive dialer or in addition to one.  It all depends on the size, need, and resources of the government agency making the decision.