Conducting the Interview

Each of your panelists should be provided a copy of the resumes and the interview questions well ahead of time so they have an opportunity to review both. Panelists should be instructed to take notes during the interview that can be referred to during the decision-making process.

Before you begin asking your pre-determined questions, it’s important to provide the candidate with some background. You’ll want to describe the organizational structure, demonstrating how the collection office fits into the overall mission or strategic vision. Most importantly, you’ll need to paint a picture of the job and your expectations. Spend some time talking about the history of the department and your future plans. Describe the workload and account types, goals, and policies.

Ask your interview questions, take note of each response and then allow the candidate to ask questions of the panel. Take time to describe your management style and share any qualities you think make a collector successful in your environment.

Finally, prompt follow-up is important. Let the candidate know when they can expect to hear back from you and stick to the timeframe.