Membership includes many benefits. Most of the benefits come from things you will be able to receive from this association. But another, less visible benefit comes from the exchange of ideas and information between members of the association.  When you serve, provide information to, or help spread the word about the Government Revenue Collection Association, you will be helping others who will, in turn, help you. Now is an exciting time to be part of this global network of professionals all working hand-in-hand to improve not only their government but yours as well.

The following are the current benefits available of becoming a member of the Government Revenue Collection Association. Having access to these benefits will provide you the extra edge you need as you strive to improve collections for your government.

As we grow, additional benefits will become available to you.

Annual Conference Discount

Each member will receive a discount to the Annual Conference.


All webinars are free to GRCA members. All the time. No matter how many you choose to attend.

Correspondence Library

Each member will have full access to the Library of Correspondence that will be growing constantly as we get new letters that governments are using from all over the world. The Library currently has over 100 letter samples. The library is increasing each week with additional letters as they come in from members and non-members alike. If you have a letter you would like to send to us for possible inclusion in the Library of Correspondence.

Resource Library

The Resource Library will be of great benefit to the member. This Library will house copies of different government statutes, standard policies and procedures, and other pertinent information that you may use as you wish to define and refine your department.


GRCA uses Facebook, LinkedIn, and GovLoop to help you connect with other government collectors.  Members can join our groups to participate in discussions, learn about upcoming events, and give us feedback on the Association.

Quarterly Newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter, Inside Government Collections, contains articles on a variety of topics written by the Association and its Members. You’ll also find legislative updates, tips, and suggested books. Each quarter, we answer a Member question in our Q&A feature. If you have a question, we’ll research it for you!

Members can submit questions, articles or ideas for the newsletter by emailing them to

Services Discount

The association works with other associations, consultants and vendors to provide services to help you increase your understanding and implementation of best practices in collecting government debt.

Your membership will provide you knowledge of where to go to get these kinds of services and discounted pricing for some services.