Become a Member

Regular Member: $75

Regular Members are those public employees who actively support this association and its purpose, who are responsible for or whose duties involve the collection of money due to the government. This member is current in their membership dues and supports the Association by contributing to the Association.

Associate Member: $150

Associate Members are persons interested in furthering the purpose of the Association but who are not public employees. Associate Members may be directly responsible the collection of money due the government, or they may provide services to the government debt collection industry. An Associate Member is one person, not a company or organization.

Corporate Partner: $600

Corporate Partners are private or public-sector firms who are committed to improving government collections, who offer products or services related to collections. Corporate Partnerships include two Associate Memberships. Additional Associate Memberships may be purchased individually.

Becoming a member is simple. Fill out the membership application (PDF) and either email, fax or mail it back to us. We will process your application and email you a confirmation along with access to create your user login and password.